Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Celebrating The Birthday of Lisa Morales

Celebrating The Birthday of Lisa Morales!

Official Birthday party at CAMEO this Saturday October 19th 2013. Lisa's birthday is October the 21st.
Cameo Miami


  1. I wish I was there too slice the cake and wear a party hat with you but there is always next year just right around the corner if you catch my drift.Hope too see you soon enough.

  2. Happy Birthday Lisa Morales. I hope to travel to Miami again soon. I know you will have a good time at the Cameo. From: Joseph Gittens, Jr. #Libratakeover

  3. Happy bday to u happy bday to u happy bday to lisa happy bday to u hiphip horay.xxxxoooo have awsome day and night hun.xxxxoooo

  4. You have for us something find more special because it’s your birthday today. That’s completely nonsense… we receive something special from you every day.


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