Thursday, September 24, 2015

My trip to San Francisco was simply AMAZING!!!

My trip to San Francisco was simply AMAZING!!!

I arrived Sunday night, went to dinner with my cousin who I  haven't seen in a couple of years. Monday, I spent the day at the Tech Crunch Disrupt with Francois who is the Co-founder of a new photo sharing app called Snikpic. I met a ton of "Techie" people and checked out their inventions.

My cousin Moyra showed me around the Golden Gate Bridge and took me to the yummiest food spots in the city.

On my last day, I held a Meet & Greet with the local fans. When I arrived they welcomed me with flowers and gifts. It was so sweet! For those who came to see me, It was a pleasure meeting and hanging out with you! Thank you for showing me SO much love! You guys were very so sweet and fun! I can't wait to come back soon and hang out some more!

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 Photo credit to @JoeVenuto 

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