Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Sexy Friday!

Here's my Sexy Friday pic! Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend. I love you #TeamLisaMorales !


Photo by Eva Simon
Lisa Morales


  1. If the day is spent with you sweetie isnt every day sexy? ;)

  2. Wow this picture is breath taking true beauty at it's best,oh how I would be blessed to wake up to this beauty of yours everyday god well have truly have blessed me,well I can go on but won't may god continue to bless you and have a good one my dear :-* @crazyarms32 Twitter

  3. Hi Lisa im my name is Bryan. I liked your page on facebook a long time ago when you first coming up with maxim and you were going up for the hometown hotties and you were the host on saturdays at 1pm on a spanish channel. I first saw you in the lowrider magazine then I went and found you on facebook. I am an artist who loves to paint and last year around this time I posted on your facebook a picture of you that i painted of you on a skateboard and i thought it so cool that you commented on it. Right now i am in the middle of the my second painting of you, this time its on canvas. I love painting beautiful things like yourself, i hope one day you can see it. Thank you for your time Lisa.

  4. Miss you on Viddy Lisa, you haven't posted anything in months! How about an update on how that guitar playing is coming along :P

  5. You are the epitome of stunning, methinks. :)

  6. Heaven, that is the only word that comes to mind when I see you, Lisa.

  7. Eres linda! Me encantas y siempre eres mi favorita. Besos y abrazos!

  8. Querer saber cuanto te quiero
    no te lo recomiendo
    te llevara mas que esta vida en saberlo
    tienes que contar todas las estrellas que hay en el cielo
    cuando hayas terminado entonces sabras cuanto te quiero
    hay otra manera de saber cuanto te quiero
    todo el tiempo que uses contando estrellitas
    compartelo conmigo no cuentes estrellitas y disfruta
    veras que cadaa dia ese te quiero aumenta
    asi como aumentaria el numero de estrellas
    si no me crees te reto a que lo compruebes
    por cada estrellita contada tu carita obtendra una sonrisa


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