Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lisa Morales: TV Personality, Model, Actress, & Spokeswoman

Lisa Morales is a TV Personality, Model, Actress, and Spokeswoman that not only values culture and family, she also values community, fitness, and nutrition. Featured in some of the most affluent Television Networks, Fitness, and Modeling forums, Lisa has experience that spans nearly every scope of the Entertainment Industry. With a strong work ethic, broad appeal, beauty and charm that is undeniable, her ability to impact both Spanish and English speaking audiences is limitless.

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  1. She truly lights up the room. She is amazing in pictures and television and even more amazing in person. If the world got to meet her, they would fall in love with not only her looks but personality and strong presence as well. I feel like she truly embodies the perfect Latin woman. I wish you much success! God Bless! - Ygnacio


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